Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Avocado, the healthiest fruit is now a source of the healthiest cooking oil.Introducing the world’s largest selling brand of Avocado Oil. From the region of the world’s best avocados, Michoacán in Mexico comes a cooking oil with the highest level of monounsaturated fats. Rich in Vitamin B6 and folic acid, it is laden with antioxidants associated with slowing down aging. The highest smoke point of all cooking oils – 525F ensures that it will not release toxins and free radicals in the food, even when cooked at high temperatures – ultimate for frying food. It reduces cholesterol and sugar levels, making it great for cardiovascular health. ACADO® oil blends in with the food. Not just superior for searing and sautéing, it can be used as finishing oil for your favourite veggies, dressing oil for salads and dipping oil for whole wheat breads. The onion- infused, chilli-infused, lime-infused and garlic-infused versions ensure that the oil is great from sizzle to drizzle! So, listen to your heart and tell yourself you need to buy it for your family’s health.

Health Benefits

Healthy Heart

The Vitamin B6 and folic acid contents of avocados aid regulation of homocysteine levels which are associated with a high Ask of heart diseases.

Blood Pressure Control

A generous source of potassium, avocados help lower blood pressure.

Eye Health

The carotenoid lutein content helps in prevention of age-related ailments like cataracts.

Minimizes Risk of Strokes

Thanks to the high concentration of folate in avocados.

Weight Management

Avocados are a healthy source of calories. At the same time, they offer a great deal of meal satisfaction, reducing hunger pangs and unhealthy snacking.

Anti Inflammatory properties

The diverse range of carotenoids reduces inflammation and lowers the risk of degenerative disorders.

Shields against cancer

Avocados can restrain the growth of prostate and breast cancer.

Management of Blood Sugar Levels

The monounsaturated (good) fats and soluble fiber help maintain steady blood sugar levels.

Treats Bad Breath

Avocados target the root cause. They cleanse the intestine and prevent coated tongue and bad breath.

Wrestles Free Radicals

Antioxidants in avocados neutralize free radicals and prevent cell and tissue damage.

Lowers Cholestrol Levels

Beta-sitosterol serves this purpose.

Anti-Aging Properties

The anti-oxidants in avocados slow down the process of aging.

Averts Birth Defects

The high folate content in avocados thwarts birth defects like neural tube defect.

Skin Care

Avocados serve as a reliable remedy for dry skin problems. They also aid in treating psoriasis, a skin disease.

Improved Nutrient Absorption

Regular avocado consumption is connected with better absorption of nutrients.