Good value is a matter of good taste.

Food tastes delicious when you can savour its original flavour. ACADO® Oil blends in with the food. Not just superior for searing and sautéing, it can be used as finishing oil for your favourite veggies, dressing oil for salads and dipping oil for whole wheat breads. The onion-infused, chilli-infused, lime-infused and garlic-infused versions ensure that the oil is great from sizzle to drizzle! The highest smoke point of all cooking oils – 525F ensures that it will not release toxins and free radicals in the food, even when cooked at high temperatures. An ideal combination of taste and nutrition.

So, listen to your heart and tell yourself you need to buy it for your family’s health. It’s not whether you can afford to but can you afford not to?
Acado Avocado Neutral Cooking Oil
Available in 250ml, 500ml & 1l
Acado Avocado Chilli Infused Cooking Oil
Chilli Infused
Available in 250ml
Acado Avocado Lemon Infused Cooking Oil
Lime Infused
Available in 250ml
Acado Avocado Onion Infused Cooking Oil
Onion Infused
Available in 250ml
Acado Avocado Garlic Infused Cooking Oil
Garlic Infused
Available in 250ml