Freeze Dried Guacamole Powder

Freeze Dried Gaucamole powder

Our 100% Natural Freeze Dried Guacamole is one of the most innovative food products that the world has seen in recent times. We apply our proprietary freeze drying process (lyophilization) to create an authentic Mexican guacamole recipe to suit the global palate.

The end product retains all the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh ingredients like flavor, color, aroma, and nutrients, without the use of additives or preservatives (synthetic, chemical or biological). The avocado maintains all its amazing essential oils.

Our Freeze Dried Guacamole can be instantly re-hydrated just by adding cold water. Furthermore, it is a shelf stable product that DOES NOT need refrigeration before opening, which makes it extremely convenient for both retail and institutional consumers.

Available in 30gr, 300gr and 2.5kg

Application of Dried Gaucamole

The following applications have been identified around the globe:

1.) Camping:

Freeze dried products are widely used around the world by families and professionals that go camping. Due to the amazing nutrients, the great taste, its long shelf life, its capacity to be carried without any weight and without refrigeration, and the fast rehydration that can be done anywhere; our guacamole is amazing for camping uses.

2.) Emergency Food:

Freeze dried products are also widely used around the world to be sure that food will not be missed in the case of an unfortunate emergency situation. Besides its convenience, our guacamole is one of the very few products that will give you body the essential fatty acids that it needs for a proper function.

3.) Military, Oil Platforms and places “far away”:

Transportation of food to places that are far is a high cost activity. Since our guacamole does not include water, does not need to be refrigerated, and it has all the nutrients of its original fruits, it satisfies the highest demands of food consumption in mines, oil platforms and far away places. It can even go to space!

4.) Caterers

Caterers around the world are loving our guacamole because it lest them store the product without refrigeration and it can be used at any time.

If you want to surprise your guests with the most amazing Superbowl or Cinco de Mayo experience, just open a sachet of our Guacamole and be ready to have fun!

Preparation and yields

Acado FD Guacamole+ Cold WaterGuacamole Paste (Yield)
30 grams65 - 85 ml95 - 115 grams
300 grams650 - 850ml950 - 1150 grams
3 kg6.5 - 8.5 litres9.5 - 11.5 kg
Note : Depending on your desired use, these proportions may vary
  • Measure the amount of ACADO® 100% Natural Freeze Dried Guacamole
  • Add the amount of COLD water as shown in the table below
  • Gently mix until it perfectly blends into a paste and the powder retains all water (in about 1.5 – 2 minutes)
  • Serve as desired and enjoy!

Nutritional Information

per 100gm of product

  • Contains from 2 to 3% of high quality unsaponifiable oils

  • High content of Vitamins: A, D, E and K

  • Main Minerals: P, Mg, Mn, and K

Total Calories : 604 Cal
Calories from Fat : 540 Cal
Total Fat60 grams
- Saturated Fat9.6 grams
- Monounsaturated Fat42.4 grams
- Polyunsaturated Fat6.4 grams
- Trans Fat0.0 mg
Cholestrol0.0 mg
Sodium600.0 mg
Total Carbohydrates10.4 grams
Dietary Fibre8.0 grams
Protein5.6 grams
Calcium3.2 ppm

Physiochemical & Microbiological Test

AnalysisSpecificationMethods and Conditions
Total coliform organisms500 UFC/g3 M Petrifilm Plates 35ºC/24h
Mesophilic Aerobic Bacteria (MAB)Absent3 M Petrifilm Plates 35ºC/48h
MushroomsAbsent3 M Petrifilm Plates 35ºC/72h
YeastAbsent3 M Petrifilm Plates 35ºC/72h
Staphylococcus AureusAbsent3 M Petrifilm Plates 35ºC/24h
EnterobacterAbsent3 M Petrifilm Plates 35ºC/24h
Salmonella sppAbsentNOM-114-SSA1-1994
Escherichia Coli<3NMP/gCCAYAC-M-004/8

Product types, Ingredients and their Percentage

We offer two types of 100% Natural Freeze-Dried Guacamole that vary on the amount of spice added: 

Hot Guacamole (2% of serrano peppers)

Mild Guacamole (0.5% of serrano peppers)

We can modify the recipe to meet your needs.



Hass avocados, tomato, white onion, serrano peppers, red peppers, coriander, lime powder and salt.


Percentages in DRY form:

Hass Avocados (95%), Onion (1.8%), Red Bell Pepper (0.8%), Tomato (0.8%), Coriander (0.5%), Serrano Chili Pepper (0.2%), Lime (<1%), and Sea salt (<1%).

Shelf Life & Storage

9 months at temperatures below 20°C and low humidity (<65% RH).

OUR PRODUCTS DO NOT require refrigeration.


Directions after opening bag

After opening one of the bags there are two options:

  • If you leave the bag closed at ambient temperature, the remaining product has to be rehydrated and used in 24 hours from opening the bag.
  • If you close the bag and place it in a refrigerator, the remaining product can be rehydrated and used in 10-30 days.


All our Guacamoles can be produced with certified organic HASS avocados