Hass avocados for great health and nutrition

Hass avocados for great health and nutrition

The history of avocados dates back to the period before 5th century BC, when they were mostly cultivated in Mexico. They were taken to the United States from Mexico for the first time in the late nineteenth century. Several varieties of avocado were made available in California by the mid-twentieth century, the most popular being Fuerte. In the years that followed, Hass avocados gained became more popular than Fuerte. Today, they have become the most in-demand variety of avocados globally. One major reason for this huge demand is the immense nutritional value of Hass avocados.

Main features of Hass avocados

This type of avocado is characterized by a thick, rough, dark-green skin, which turns purplish black when ripe. The tough skin protects it during its shipment, but can be peeled off easily. Its skin also provides the fruit some resistance against insects and diseases. This makes the fruit an ideal one to be grown in eco-friendly ways. No preservatives, taste-enhancers, or processing is required for the Hass variety. They can be taken to the market directly from the farm.

Nutritional Value: The Hass variety of avocados contains a high amount of heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids, and is low in polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids. As they mature, the content of saturated fat in them decreases, making them a perfect alternative to the traditional cheese spreads and butter that are loaded with saturated fats. They are also rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Nutrition from avocados often benefits the body much more than the nutrition provided by various other fruits.

Quantity of sugar in a Hass avocado is very low, while the amount of minerals like potassium that it provides can promote effective control of blood pressure. The fruit also supplies good quantity of antioxidant vitamins to a human body.

Health benefits: A series of recent clinical trials have concluded that a moderate amount of fat in diets can be effective while formulating weight-loss plans. As the Hass variety of avocados is rich in monounsaturated fats, it can supply the body with adequate amount of good fats while an individual is on a weight-loss program. Consumption of the fruit also promotes healthy aging in humans by reducing the deterioration of joint cartilage, decreasing age-related eye disorders, and protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Studies have also shown that the components of this fruit increase skin health with the help of enhanced wound-healing activities. The bioactive phytochemicals present in it is also beneficial in reducing the risk of cancers, such as, breast cancer and gastric cancer. 

When one talks about an ideal health food, it has to fit into a wide range of healthy diet plans. Hass avocados are full of essential nutrients and phytochemicals. Inclusion of this fruit in the daily diet can effectively promote cardiovascular health, weight control, and optimum level of glucose in blood. Consuming it with salads or using it as a spread every day can promote overall health in an individual.

As Hass avocados are grown in various countries of the world, such as, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, United States, and Dominican Republic, they are available throughout the year for consumers.

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