Core Values

Core Values

Good Health

We believe in creating products that promote a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable diet. We believe that a wholesome existence should be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives and thus our products are designed to enable healthy living simply through their everyday usage.

We value the relationship that we have with our consumers and base this on trust. We value their loyalty and strive to protect and improve the health and well-being of their families.

We are also firm in our belief, that for sustained long-term healthy eating, the taste aspect of the food cannot be compromised. Thus, our products are built around our second core value – ‘Good Taste’.

Good Taste

While the health aspect must be intrinsic to the food we eat, it is the taste and flavour of the food that endears itself to the palate. It is thus crucial that the oil does not have a strong flavour and in fact must bring out the taste and flavour of the food. Since our products are natural, they do not have an overpowering aroma or taste, and thus are effective in bringing out the authentic flavours of the foods that are cooked with our oils.

Good Value

Value is not calculated simply on the basis of price paid for the brand, it must also take into account what the brand delivers in the long term. If a family consumes 3/4 litres of oil a month, then at US$ 90/120, US$ 3/4 a day is spent on oil which equates to roughly US$ 1 per person per day – a very small price to pay for a healthy life.

Benefits are what we as a brand infuse in our products so that the consumer may gain maximum value for the price paid. Good quality will always come at a premium, but it will also add to the value gained from the product. There may be a cheaper alternative to our product, but we will never sacrifice on quality to compete on price. We are 100% devoted towards ensuring that our oil conforms to the requisite specifi- cations at the time of filling our bottles.